Is the M7 finally announced? ! Presentation at midnight! (*announced)

Will the M7, which is almost certain to be released in Japan, finally be unveiled?

Finally, at midnight today, HTC’s presentation will be held! In line with that, Gadgetrower will update the article in the form of a live commentary on the HTC presentation. If there is a big announcement or explanation, I will immediately reflect it in the article.

Also, I’m planning to do a live commentary on my Twitter sub-account (@chunmotsu_hntk), so if you’d like, please check it out.

It seems that the main announcement this time is about the codename “M7”. M7 is leaked that OS is Android 4.1 and Sense is equipped with newly developed Sense 5.0. As far as the leak image is concerned, it seems to be a vertically scrolling UI, but it seems that the conventional SenseUI can also be used. The pet name is a pattern of “HTC One”.

A leaked image of the M7 that was just leaked earlier. The front looks like EVO4GLTE. The back has a design never before seen on HTC machines, similar to the Xperia SX, VL and iPhone 5?

The M7 is said to be equipped with a camera with even higher performance than the one on the 2012 HTC machine, and the number of pixels is said to be equivalent to 13 million pixels. It seems that it will be in the form of shooting by combining three megapixel camera sensors, and as a result it will be something like outputting a super high quality 4.3 megapixel photo. It seems that the same technology is already used in Nokia’s PureView, which is very interesting.

There may be some changes in the design and functions of this M7, but it is almost certain that it will be released in Japan as well.

And another thing that worries me is this. This is a teaser image of the presentation that HTC released on Twitter. A 10-inch tablet-like silhouette can be seen among the multiple devices covered in cloth.

About this, according to 9to5google, it seems that it is predicted that it will be a tablet with Ubuntu OS.

Ubuntu started a mysterious countdown on its homepage, but the end time of the countdown was right in the middle of HTC’s presentation. And the words “Tablet Time”. It seems highly possible.
HTC has not released a tablet terminal for a long time, so this is also very worrisome.

A few other mid-range and low-end models may be announced as well.

So it looks like the presentation has started! ! !

Available from 185 operators

···end? !

That’s right.

Where are the Ubuntu tabs and M4/G2…

I think it comes in white, black, and even red.
It seems that there is no release from Japanese carriers at this time. It is likely that it will be announced later, with functions for Japan installed and the design changed.

Specs and photos will be updated later, so please wait for a while.





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