How to Work with the Media Effectively

Building a reputation in today’s digital era is a challenge that must be faced. The flow of information is presented quickly, by accessing social media through gadgets actual news can be accessed quickly.

Engaging with the media is a necessity for an organization to convince the public of the information we provide. Now, very rapid technological advances and high public dynamics force us as practitioners to adapt to these conditions, interactive communication in the current era.

Media relations is a form of public relations communication strategy in maintaining relationships with the media. In this case, maintaining good relations with the media is very important for agencies. Apart from building the reputation of institutions, especially universities, various information can be channeled to the public, especially research and various information about universities.

Furthermore, it is undeniable that the role of the media is so great in the development of the world of education, including universities. The media is able to provide branding to the public so that it displays informative news.

The synergy between universities and mass media is an effective effort, especially to encourage quality scientific information in terms of journalism, as well as science supported by data from universities.