Anti-lag, 8 Game Boosters Can Boost PC Performance

How would you feel if your PC suddenly lags when you’re gaming? You must be annoyed, right? That’s why we want to share an easy solution for those of you who often experience this problem. Although actually, you can overcome by upgrading your computer equipment, but the costs required are also not small.

Well, if you use the method that the admin recommends, including economical even some do not spend money other than for internet quota download. Using the best pc game booster, a programme designed to make the performance of RAM, hard disk, processor, and other devices more optimal when used to play games. As a result, you’ll enjoy lag-free and faster gaming. How cool is that? Some lists of game boosters that you can try, admin will review briefly through the following list.

  • Razor Cortex

This programme is very popular, it has even been named in the best game booster position. The way this programme works is to stop every background that is operating and you don’t need when gaming. So, the only programme that runs later is the game you’re playing, no other background programmes.

  • Wise Game

Has a feature that can display all Windows processes, features, and services with the option to choose to disable when you play games. The info display will help you to understand better about your computer’s features, so you don’t just switch them off.

  • Fire Ultimate PC Booster Game

Next is the Fire game, more or less the same mainstay features. You can use it to deactivate programme features that you don’t use when gaming. It’s even better because it adds a game folder defragger feature that keeps your files close to the disc space (a Windows-only tweak).

  • WTFast

If you like playing online games, this programme might be for you. Not only does it improve your PC’s performance, but it can also make your internet speed faster and smoother.

  • EVGA Precision

Slightly different from some of the previous programmes, this EVGA programme has a feature called overlocking for Nvidia graphics cards. It can be used to tweak the voltage lock, GPU, memory clocks, and even change the settings for the device’s fan performance. Very powerful.

  • Geforce Experience

Famous for its products (graphics chips), this programme is highly recommended for devices using Nvidia GPUs. Not only does it optimise PC performance, but it can also keep your PC drive up to date. It’s also suitable for those of you who like to stream games.

  • SpeedItUp Free

Promoted to increase gaming performance by up to 3 times, this programme has useful capabilities such as system and RAM cleanup, eviction, and device optimisation through the CPU.

  • MSI AfterBurner

If your device uses the Windows operating system, MSI AfterBurner is a great choice. This programme has overlocking features, and can give you full control over the GPU frequency and voltage.

Those are the 8 game booster programmes that we can share with you. Hopefully it can be a useful solution and you no longer experience slow PC performance problems when gaming.





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